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In 2005, we moved from the"city" (Clifton, NJ) to the "country" (Highland Lakes), a lake community located in Vernon Township, in northwest Sussex County, NJ. Highland Lakes is elevated 1,250 feet above sea level and is the second highest point in New Jersey, hence our name "Top of the Mountain." Spring comes much later at this elevation. For example, perennials which bloom "down below" in late April-early May don't even begin to bloom until late May-early June. On the flip side, however, our gardens bloom all summer long. This, of course, provides an abundance of food for our bees. 


We began beekeeping in 2010. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion.  Our operation has expanded to include 400+ hives spread out across 5 counties. By early 2016, we realized we needed to expand operations on the homestead, too. We needed more room for the bee "stuff" (equipment) as well as the bees, so we relocated to Wantage, NJ. We're still located in Sussex County, just a bit farther north. Wantage is predominantly comprised of rolling fields and farms. We're very happy in our new "digs," we've got plenty of elbow room! We've even started raising chickens, ducks, turkeys, and goats.

All our honey is sold “raw.” In addition to our wildflower, buckwheat and locust honey, we’ve expanded our product line to include flavor-infused honeys such as: blueberry; mixed berry; peach; cinnamon; lemon; orange; peppermint; raspberry; and spearmint, with new flavors always on the horizon. We also have a line of gourmet cooking honeys with flavors such as garlic and hot pepper. We carry our own line of lip balms, soap, and face masks.


In the spring and summer months, when we’re not tending to our bees, we can be found at various local farmers’ markets educating people on the benefits of local, raw honey and the importance of honey bees in the global food chain. We sell our honey through a variety of local venues such as farmer’s markets, farm stands, and specialty shops. Our products can also be purchased from select retailers throughout the tri-state area.


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